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The Board of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art agreed in late 2012 to sponsor a trip to Tibet as an educational and awareness-building activity. That idea blossomed into a multifaceted trip in September of 2013.  The first annual trip ventured to the areas of the globe that are connected to our Vision and Mission Statement. The founder, Jacques Marchais (1887-1948) intended the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, began in 1945, to serve as a bridge between Tibetan art and culture and the West. To accomplish this vision, Jacques Marchais amassed a significant collection of art and artifacts from Tibet, Northern China, Nepal, and Mongolia, and those regions that fell within the sphere of Tibetan Buddhism.​

Since that time, the Museum has also sponsored trips to Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, China, Dubai, The Maldives, England, and Cuba.  These trips are intimate (no more than 16 people) and offer the participants a chance to see cultural treasures that are related to Tibetan culture and Buddhist Art.

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