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Museum Legacy Tree


Step into the legacy of Jacques Marchais, a visionary who dedicated her life to uplifting humanity through art and culture. In 1933, Jacques expressed her desire to make a positive impact, writing to her friend Kate Crane-Gartz, 'If I could give the world something that would be uplifting and a genuine help, perhaps, I should try.' Her unwavering commitment led to establishing the first museum in the United States solely dedicated to the art and culture of Tibet and the Himalayas in 1947.


For over 77 years, these historic buildings have stood as a testament to Jacques' passion and dedication. Today, we would like to invite you to join us in making sure her legacy lives on. Your support through a donor leaf on our legacy tree, to be installed in the Museum Library, will help preserve these historic buildings for future generations.

Giving a leaf is a meaningful way to honor a loved one, friend, or business while also contributing to preserving these culturally significant buildings. Together, let us ensure that Jacques Marchais' legacy continues to inspire and educate for years.

Please consider a donor leaf on our legacy tree to be installed in the Museum Library. There are four levels of giving.

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