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The Board of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art comprises a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Tibet. Comprised of esteemed scholars, art enthusiasts, and community leaders, the Board brings together a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.


Their collective vision is to create a space that fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Tibetan art and its spiritual significance. With their unwavering commitment, the Board works tirelessly to ensure the museum's continued success, organizing engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and cultural events that resonate with visitors of all backgrounds. Through their guidance and support, the Board plays a crucial role in safeguarding the museum's invaluable collection and cultivating an environment of artistic exploration and cross-cultural dialogue.

President Of JMMTA

Beverly  Garcia- Anderson 

Vice President of the Board

Dr. Lynne Opitz

Executive Director

Nico Simoni

Secretary to the JMMTA

Margaret Harrington


Larry Anderson

Legal Esquire

Charles Destefano, ESQ.

Member of the Board

George Sieghardt, ESQ.

Member of the Board

Barbara Tallon-Reilly

Member of the Board

William Higgins

Member of the Board

Dr. Sudeep Archarya


  • Rudy Bachich

  • Leslee Penny

  • Michael DiMauro, P.C.

  • Matthew Walby

  • Tenzing Chadotsang

  • Arlene Esposito

  • Leela Fazio-Fiorino

  • John Kilcullen

  • Nancy Myers-Benbow

  • Tsering Phuntsok

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