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Tibetan Mindfulness Practices for Physical & Mental Well-Being.

Sunday, July 17th at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM

Leslee Penny at a recent Sound Healing Meditation Class at JMMTA

Feel free to attend one session...or plan on joining us for both.

Sound Healing Meditation

Sunday July 17th at 11:00 AM

Sound Healing Meditation -- or Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation -- is a focused awareness meditation. Leslee Penny is a long-time practitioner and certified instructor.

In this meditation practice Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and bells guide the listener through the practice which incorporates tactile physical vibrations and frequencies in the healing process.

Leslee often recommends that practitioners lie down during the bring a mat if you have one. But attendees are welcome to remain seated - the posture is a matter of personal choice. Cost: $15.00 ($10.00 JMMTA Members)

Tibetan Meditation & Yoga Practices

for Physical & Mental Well-Being

Sunday, July 17th at 1:00 PM

This meditation seminar on Sunday will focus on cleansing impure energy within our bodies through the introduction of traditional Tibetan meditation and yoga practices. The instructor, Dr Chok Tenzin Monlam, is new to our JMMTA Wellness Center.

Dr Chok is a longtime practitioner and highly respected instructor in Buddhist meditation and Tibetan yoga – and he is well versed in other healing methods which he learned from many of the great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist schools. In addition, he is also an accomplished instructor in yoga in the Bon and Indian traditions.

Dr. Chok practiced as a Tibetan monk for 10 years before adopting the life of a practicing academic, teacher and healer. As the Head of the Research and Translation Department at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamshala, India he taught a wide range of modalities from Tibetan language classes to Tibetan yoga and Buddhist philosophy.

Note: This class is offered free of charge to the public...but please register if you plan on joining can rsvp at

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