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Freed From The Vault - July 2016

Freed From the Vault

Have you ever wondered what is hidden away in the Tibetan Museum vault? We think that is a great question and to satisfy your curiosity, each month we will feature an item from the vault, not seen by the public in more than 20 years. In July, we featured this Vajra Crown.

  • Painted and Gilded Copper

  • Nepal 17th – 18th Century

  • Object # 85.02.0582

This helmet shaped crown was and still is worn by Nepalese Vajracharyas, tantric Buddhist ritual masters, when they perform deity initiation ceremonies, fire ceremonies, and other rituals.  The crown shows the Five Transcendent Buddhas. Akshobhya Buddha is in the lower medium and is visible in the  photograph. Akshobhya Buddha is the head of the Vajra Family and Akshobhya’s special ability is to transform delusion into the clear light of wisdom.  The crown also contains plaques of Vairochana, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi.

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