Tibetan Contemporary Artist Tashi Norbu Lectures at the Museum

tashi-norbu-1Please join us on Saturday, March 21st at 2:00 PM for an afternoon talk with Tibetan contemporary artist Tashi Norbu as he speaks about some of his newest works including “The Three Buddhas.” “The Three Buddhas is the realization of the three kayas — Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. These are the three bodies of Buddha’s being or enlightenment. Dharmakaya corresponds with one’s mind, Sambhogakaya with one’s speech, and Nirmanakaya with one’s body. Dharmakaya is the formless body. It is an undifferentiated state of being which we cannot talk about in terms of either confusion or enlightenment.”

Pictured to the right are The Three Buddhas by Tashi Norbu.

Tashi Norbu, (1974) is a Tibetan contemporary artist, born in Bhutan. He has been educated and graduated (1999) as a traditional Tibetan Thangka painter in Dharamsala, India.

tashi-norbu-2In 2000 he went to Belgium to study visual arts at the Saint Lucas Art Academy in Ghent. During those four years of academy, he also worked part-time at the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK) in Ghent. This enabled him to be close to the contemporary art he admires, and sometimes even to hold it in his hands.

Since 2007 he lives and works in Holland as contemporary artist. Since 2010 he has his own art studio “9 Pillars” in Wormer, a village close to Amsterdam.

In 2008 Tashi Norbu co- founded Tibet House Holland for Tibetan Art and Culture. He was part of and created monumental art for several manifestations around Tibetan culture. In co-operation with the international Tibetan Art Movement Foundation he organized in 2009 the Tibet Art Now exhibition in Amsterdam.

tashi-norbu-3The art work of Tashi Norbu is exhibited in and represented by the Wereldmuseum (Museum of Ethnographic Art) in Rotterdam. Some art works are in consignation at Kunstencentrum Zaandam (Art Centre, gallery), Tibet House New York and Huis van Alijn (museum) in Ghent, Belgium. His most recent exhibitions were in Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Leiden, The Netherlands (March 21th – April 6th 2014) and in Tibet House U.S. New York (March 14th- May 19th, 2014). Tashi is participating with his piece, “Urban Tibetan” in the Transcending Tibet exhibition at Rouge Space Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

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