Sunday Afternoon Film Series

In our continuing effort to present the art, history, culture of Tibet to a wide audience, the Museum holds Sunday Afternoon Film Screenings at 2:00 PM. This program began in 2012 and since then, the Museum has screened over 30 feature films and documentaries, some of which were filmed in Tibet by Tibetan filmmakers and directors, that highlight Tibetan art and culture.
Upcoming films include:

September Films: Tibetan women living the religious life in remote regions of Tibet.

October Films: Feature Film Month highlighting spiritual and physical challenges and fiction and fantasy.

November Films: Tibetan Buddhist Arts and Architecture, Explore religious art beyond the Museum.

December Films: Reincarnation and Responsibilities.

The Tibetan term translated in English as “reincarnation” differs in concept from this English term, which implies rebirth of a fixed being into a new physical body. Some descriptions of the Tibetan concept have expressed it as a continuation of “stream of consciousness” from life to life. How is this experienced in actual Tibetan Buddhist practice?