Sunday Afternoon Film Series

In our continuing effort to present the art, history, culture of Tibet to a wide audience, the Museum holds Sunday Afternoon Film Screenings at 2:00 PM. This program began in 2012 and since then, the Museum has presented over  30 screenings from its collection of educational feature and documentary films, some of which were filmed in Tibet by Tibetan filmmakers and directors, that highlight Tibetan art and culture.

May 2016 Films: May 22nd, Angry Monk, and May 29th, Travelers and Magicians. 

Please join us on Sunday, May 22nd for a screening of “Angry Monk” a documentary about the life of Gendun Choepel, a promising young monk who turned his back on monastic life and became a fierce critic of his country’s religious conservatism, cultural isolationism and reactionary government.

On Sunday, May 29th at 2:00 PM we will have a screening of Travelers and Magicians. This film by Dzongsar Jamyang Rinpoche, is the story of Dondup, a Bhutanese official infatuated with American culture, who meets a mismatched group of travelers on his way to Thimpu to obtain a visa. Bhutanese with English subtitles.